Complete list of services offered at this time:

Crystal Sonic Rejuvenation™ Facials

Crystal Sonic Rejuvenation is a holistic, painless, and rejuvenating facial treatment that helps the face and whole body look and feel younger using the energy of crystals and sound therapy. Sessions include a Bio-Mat treatment.

1 hour
Cost per treatment is $95
Six treatments are recommended for the best initial results with a simple maintenance plan to follow. Join the Frequent Facials Club: For every 5  facials you purchase, get the next one FREE. 

Eden Energy Medicine Energy Tracking Session

Energy Medicine sessions are 1.5 hours and include a variety of tests and corrections to ensure that your energy is flowing properly through your body. Sessions also include simple exercises to take home. Please note that I am still in training for my practitioner license and therefore the rates for these sessions are greatly reduced for the remainder of 2018.

60 – 90 minutes
$100 – Purchase 5 sessions and save $50. (Each session in the package will cost only $90/session.)

Emotion Code™ Session

Identify and release trapped emotions that can cause pain, malfunction of bodily tissues, disease, depression, anxiety and emotional problems.

Initial session – 60 minutes  / Follow-up sessions 30 minutes

Reiki / Crystal Reiki

A relaxing Reiki session will relieve you from fatigue, insomnia, and stress and give you a more positive outlook on life, while experiencing an increase in energy.

Crystal Reiki is the same as a Reiki session only crystals are placed over your chakras and you will receive one crystal to take home. That crystal will be chosen based on your body’s needs.

60 minutes
$75 – Reiki   $80 – Crystal Reiki

Quickie Energy Balancer 

This protocol can stand alone or be a preliminary to other energy techniques. It opens up your energies and activates better flow throughout the body by clearing clogged energy and balancing the basic energy systems in the body.

30 – 45 minutes

Black Pearl Sanctuary Treatment

A wonderful protocol for stress, overwhelm and releasing your body from “fight or flight” mode. After a relaxing Quickie Balancing Treatment, specific points on the head are held lightly in sequence to calm the system & return it to a place of peace, safety, and comfort. It can enhance the health of the blood flow help to expand and weave the auric field.

45 minutes

Brazilian Toe Technique

This can be very soothing for anyone suffering from aches & pains. It helps with stress reduction, insomnia, calming the nervous system, stabilizing emotional imbalances, deep relaxation, and restless leg syndrome. It can counteract nausea and can help to mitigate the side effects of chemotherapy & radiation treatment. Sessions begin with a Quickie Energy Balancer treatment then your toes are held lightly in a specific sequence which brings on a sense of profound relaxation & wellness.

45 minutes

Chakra Clearing

A Chakra clearing session begins with a quick Spinal Flush that releases toxins from your body. Each chakra is then cleared, energized, and connected. This sacred work can bring on profound relaxation & the sense of being lighter, yet more grounded. Individual chakras are energy tested before and after treatment along with a Bio-well report to visually show your chakra energy level and alignment.

60 minutes

Energy Testing Foods & Supplements

Are you plagued by food sensitivities? Do you wonder if your food choices and/or supplements are actually helping you? Do you get side effects from prescribed medications? Energy testing can determine which foods or supplements are impacting you in beneficial and non-beneficial ways.

30 – 60 minutes

BioMat Treatments

Treat chronic pain and stiffness, speed the healing of joints and tissue, improve circulation, detoxify and boost your immune system while laying on the deeply relaxing BioMat.

30-minute session  $25
60-minute session $55

Bio-Well Health Assessment Reports

Get a report that gives you a visual representation of the energy and stress levels in your body. Please note that test should be taken on an empty stomach (no food for 2 hours prior to test.) Women should not be within 2 days of beginning or end of menstrual cycle, and long fingernails will decrease the accuracy of the test.

15-minute session  $25