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Simple Ways to Boost Your Energy and Immunity

Are you wondering why you always feel tired and fatigued? The biggest reason that most people feel drained, lack energy, and suffer from chronic pain and illness is their lack of “grounding.” What is grounding you ask? Put simply, it is reconnecting and realigning our energies with the Earth. And why is it important? Being […]


A Resolution to Regain Your Health

The New Year is the perfect time to resolve to get more healthy. We all make those health-related resolutions with such good intentions, but inevitably we don’t stick to them for long. I saw a cute post on Facebook recently that advertised a new gym opening called “Resolutions.” It promised a full array of aerobic […]

Start the New Year With Happiness

In as little as three days you could actually make a difference in your level of happiness. Despite the fact that most of us think that we need to find happiness outside of ourselves, the reality is that happiness comes from within and that we can consciously choose to feel happy by directing our thoughts. […]


Haunted by Past Emotions – Part 2

(This is a follow-up to my Haunted by Past Emotions post.) As promised, here is the end of my personal story about how my pain from the past came back to haunt me. When we arrived home the pain (both neck and knuckle) was really persisting and interfered with everything that I did. I was […]


Haunted by Past Emotions

Ever since I got serious about practicing my energy medicine routine daily, along with meditation and yoga, I have been nearly 100% pain-free. Minor little things come up every now and again, but I can usually get to the bottom of them and fix them pretty easily. The one pain that has NEVER resurfaced during […]

The Importance of Gratitude on Your Health

Did you know that practicing gratitude can boost your immune system? I just read an article by one of my favorite gurus, Dr. Joe Dispenza, and I thought this would be the perfect time to share it. In this article, Dr. Joe explained how he performed a study on gratitude in one of his workshops […]


What is Leg Pain Trying to Tell You?

It’s been a while since I posted an article on the hidden secrets behind your chronic pain. I often run into clients with mystery pain in the legs. This post will refer specifically to pain in the hips, calves and general legs. Knees are a whole ‘nother story so please stay tuned for an upcoming […]


Letting Go . . . Of Trapped Emotions

This is the third season in a row that I slipped into some sort of “Fall Funk.” My body is so consistent that I can almost set my calendar (if there was such a thing as setting a calendar) to my body getting thrown off balance. The first time it happened I just suffered through […]