If you are like most people, you have probably been suffering from bouts of insomnia over the past year.  This is likely due to the economic, mental, and emotional consequences of living through our current chaotic times. The profound changes to our daily lives are a huge part of this growing sleep problem and they include things like:

  • Having to work or attend school from home makes it harder to keep track of the time, or even what day it is.
  • Being stuck inside with a lack of exposure to sunlight messes up your circadian rhythms, which will cause insomnia.
  • Watching way more TV than normal and spending all of our workdays in front of digital devices is causing an overdose on detrimental blue light, which also makes it harder to sleep.
  • Financial worries, canceled trips, job losses or changes, homeschooling, working from home, not being able to see friends and family all greatly increase our levels of stress. And stress is the root of all evil when it comes to health.

All of these factors are just building up to create a recipe for disaster when it comes to your health. When you don’t sleep, your immune system suffers, your mental health suffers, your ability to make decisions suffers, your memory suffers, and the list goes on. It’s so important to take your sleep seriously and do whatever you can to try to get a good night’s sleep to recharge your energy system. Here are some suggestions that may help.

Tips for Improving Your Sleep

Here are some ideas that don’t cost a thing:

  • Limit screen time before bed.
  • Get outside to soak up the natural sunlight as much as possible and exercise while you’re out there.
  • MEDITATION!! I can not emphasize enough the power of meditation. It is doing things to your overall health that I can’t even begin to explain without writing a full dissertation. Please trust me. It’s the most powerful thing you can do to improve all aspects of your health. There are hundreds of free guided meditations on the market specifically targeted to improve sleep. Find one that you like and do it either before or in bed every night.

Here are a couple of small investment ideas:

  • Diffusing essential oils can be extremely helpful. Get yourself a nice diffuser for your nightstand and drop 6-8 drops of lavender into the water. Set the diffuser to stay on as long as your model will allow. For added stress relieving benefits also add about 4 drops of Bergamont to the water. I do this just about every night and I am sold. It really does work!
  • Magnesium powder before bed. Studies have shown that higher magnesium levels can help induce deeper sleep. I personally stir some Calm powder (just google it) into a full glass of water and drink it one hour before bed every night. Dosage recommendations are on the container.

A larger investment but my favorite tool:

  • Run one of the Sleep programs in the Healy device either before bed, or clip it to your PJs and take it to bed with you. For me, this is a sure bet for a solid, uninterrupted night’s sleep. Click here for more info on the Healy.

Energy Medicine Tricks for Better Sleep

Here are a couple of easy energy medicine tricks you can try in bed. Try a different one each night and see if any work for you.

  • Rub & then hold the backs of your knees. This stimulates the pineal gland to produce melatonin, a hormone that is vital for sleep.
  • Place one hand on your forehead and lay your other hand flat across your second chakra (just below your belly button). This dissipates stress, allowing your body to relax. Try to fall asleep in this position.
  • Make a 3-finger cluster with your thumb, 2nd, and third fingers, and place it in the indent at the bottom of the front of your neck. Place your other hand beneath your belly. Inhale slowly and deeply and you may find that you drift to sleep.
  • Make a 3-finger cluster with your thumb, 2nd, and third fingers, and place it in the indent at the bottom of the front of your neck. Place your other along the side of your face being sure to completely cover your temple. If you lay on your side, just place this hand between the side of your head and the pillow. This will help to calm your nervous system and help you get to sleep.




The incredible connection between mind and body never ceases to amaze me. I have a personal story that will illustrate this connection so well. I’ve been on my yearly sabbatical in Mexico for approximately four weeks. Within a couple of days of arriving, I noticed some soreness in my left foot. As the days progressed it got worse and worse and the soreness transitioned to downright pain. I couldn’t flex my toes and the top of my foot felt as though a bowling ball got dropped on it. I blamed the uneven terrain of walking on the beach. I don’t often walk barefoot and the slope of the land where the water meets the sand had to cause the issue since it started right after I started walking barefoot on the beach.

It was easy to decide upon this as the cause of the problem, but the fact that I come to this same beach every year and take the same long barefoot walks every day during my extended stay was certainly casting some doubt in my mind. Why this year is my foot giving me issues? Using the logic of modern Western medicine I could conjure up all sorts of reasons, the biggest one being, “I must be getting old.” Unfortunately, this is the conclusion that most people draw when they can’t find a logical reason for a new physical pain.

I continued to hobble along on the beach just thankful that I was far from home and nobody that I knew would see me. After all, I pride myself on being in tip-top-perfect health. And when and if I do get knocked out of perfect health, I better recover quickly – just to prove I can!

By the end of the second week, the pain on the top of my foot started to improve, but sadly this was just as a new pain on the bottom of my foot started to crank up. Now the pain was in the arch of my foot and once again, walking on the fluffy sand aggravated it. The uneven sand pushed against the arch and once again, I’m hobbling. Now I’m really getting curious so I actually start looking at my foot and notice a hard lump under the surface of the skin. This sent me to google to investigate what it might be. And of course, Google had all the useless answers one could ever want. Here’s what I learned . . .

Foot Pain Caused by Plantar Fibroma

I had a case of Plantar Fibroma. They couldn’t exactly tell me WHY I had it but here are their best guesses.

“Certain medications and supplements may encourage the growth of excess collagen and fibrous tissue, but this hasn’t been proven. These include: certain beta-blockers to treat high blood pressure, anti-seizure medications, vitamin C, glucosamine You may also be more likely to develop plantar fibroma if you have: chronic liver disease, diabetes, seizure disorders”

Absolutely none of that applied to me so I moved on to “let’s just fix it.” This is what the recommended solutions were:

“Treatment with steroid injections, physical therapy, gels, orthotics, or surgery may provide short-term or long-term relief. However, growths may recur if you’re predisposed to plantar fibromas.”

“If you’re predisposed to plantar fibromas” is Western Medicine’s way of saying, “We know all of these treatment options are NOT really going to solve the underlying cause of your problem, but here are some temporary band-aids that you can try.”

So there went 5 wasted minutes out of my life. Then, two days later I was reading a new book called, “Electric Body, Electric Health” by Eileen McKusick (the Biofield Tuning creator), and my MIND WAS BLOWN!

Before I tell you what I learned, I first need to give you some background on who I am and what I stand for. Please know that:

  • I fully believe that nothing is stronger than a healthy human immune system.
  • I fully believe that my healthy body is far better equipped at keeping me healthy over any foreign untested chemical agents.
  • I fully believe that if something isn’t broken you shouldn’t meddle with trying to fix it.
  • I fully believe that every human on this planet should have 100% rights to make their own decisions about what gets put into their bodies.
  • I fully believe that no human being on this earth should ever be forced to put something into their bodies completely against their will. That is a CRIMINAL ACT!
  • I fully believe that everything that involves MY health should be MY choice and nobody should be discriminated against or punished for their health decisions.

I can go on, but I think you get the picture of who I am and why I might be struggling in the new world order. So without any further ado, this is what I learned about pain specifically in the LEFT foot . . .

These are notes taken out of Eileen’s book.

What Does Pain in the Left Foot Represent?

  • The need to step away from the situations in our lives that aren’t working for us.
  • The left foot speaks to our ability to walk away from toxic or unproductive people, places, or circumstances.
  • The energy field around the left foot gets very charged up when we are stuck in toxic situations.
  • When we want to pull away from something that’s toxic or stressful, but we feel trapped, the energy gets frozen and sequestered around the left foot.
  • There is a feeling of being imprisoned in an uncomfortable or unhealthy situation.

And there you have it. THIS is why traditional Western medicine fails at getting to the true cause of physical problems. They are almost always rooted in emotional distress. When allopathic Western medicine recognizes and fully embraces the mind/body connection, they might have a chance at catching up to Energy Medicine and be able to actually heal. Now that I know what needs attention I must figure out how to fix myself. I obviously can’t change the negative toxic world around me, but I CAN change how I react to it and that is exactly what I’m going to do!

I’ve been away in Mexico for over 4 weeks now and it’s given me a fresh new perspective. Nothing can clear my head more than sunlight, salty air, and a touch of freedom and normalcy.  This past month has been an extremely refreshing break from the current world crisis. I have almost completely forgotten about it and I feel 100 pounds emotionally lighter. With zero exposure to so-called “news” and no exposure to people talking about the “news” you almost forget there’s a problem to begin with. I think what people forget is that unless they are sick, unemployed, or somehow actually affected by any adverse external thing, their only true problem is self-created in the mind.

The timing to take my current course “Neuroscience and Neuroplasticity” couldn’t have worked out better. Because I’m taking the course while being here in Mexico it really drilled home some important points. I’m not just reading books and listening to lectures, I’m living the truths of the teaching and I’m finding it remarkable. The bottom line most important thing to know is that . . .

Your personality = your personal reality

And what shapes your personality or personal reality? Your beliefs. Whatever you believe becomes who you are and forms the world around you. Your external world is nothing more than a mirror of your internal beliefs. If you think the world is a scary dangerous place, then that is exactly what it is. Now there’s a lot more painstaking science to all this, but I want to share 3 of the simplest slides that I’ve run across so far that tell the entire story. These slides came directly from a course taught by my favorite expert in the field of Neuroscience, Dr. Joe Dispenza – the man I credit for helping me to completely transform my own life! It is an honor and privilege to now be learning directly from him.

I was thinking about what I’ve been learning in his course during a recent morning walk. I was watching young children running around playing on the street. They were happy and laughing and certainly not worrying about the current crisis. They weren’t worrying that nobody on the street was wearing a mask. They were in their own little world where the only things that mattered were fun and games. Then I observed some local dogs basking in the sun on a lazy Sunday morning – not a single care in the world. I thought to myself, “The animals have no idea that the whole world has changed. They have no idea there’s a terrible threat lurking around every corner and every unmasked person is out to get them.” The concept of “personal reality” really started to become clear.

Next, my mind darted to a recent reunion with friends from the US. They just happened to be here in Mexico and my husband and I got together with them to catch up. This was the first time my friend ever visited Mexico and she was very leery about the idea. After all, she heard way too many bad stories on the news about how dangerous Mexico is. This made me think that if anybody only heard stories about how many people were mugged and/or murdered in places like Detroit and Chicago daily and this is all they knew about the US, how likely would they want to visit the US? Their reality of the entire country would be based on the beliefs they formed from watching negative news. The “news” isn’t going to tell you about the crystal clear turquoise ocean, the powdery white sand, the amazing food, the perfect winter climate, or the incredibly kind, friendly, and hardworking people that represent the vast majority of the population. It’s the job of the “news” to only tell you about the drug lords, corruption, and killings. I just wish that people could understand that if they let their reality be dictated by the “news” they are DOOMED. Doomed to miss out on the beauty that life has to offer. You can stay home and not go to Mexico because you “heard” that it’s unsafe. You can also stop flying, stop driving, and stop crossing the street for that matter . . . but you will surely miss out on what life has to offer.

I went off on a tangent there. The point that I want to drive home is that constant exposure to negativity forms a negative world view that in turn creates constant negative emotions. What you predominantly think about dictates the feelings that you feel. And the feelings that you feel drive your behaviors and actions.

And not only that, but it also causes constant stress, which causes illness. I used to wonder all sorts of things about the people that got serious cases of Covid. I wondered about other underlying conditions, what blood type they had, what prescriptions they were on, etc. But now, the biggest question I have regarding their situation is this . . .

“How happy were they when they got sick?” Or “How scared and stressed were they?” “How much news did they watch daily?”

I want to share a piece of a video that was part of my recent “Foundations of Integrative Medicine” course. This is an incredible story told by an MD doctor that gave it all up when she realized that modern medicine was not about healing. She tells a story about how a small Italian community defied all the odds to remain healthy by retaining their sense of community and social connection. This is not related to our current pandemic at all, but it is impossible not to draw some parallels. Watch it and come to your own conclusions. The video will begin right at the start of this story, but feel free to rewind and watch the entire thing.

From all of my studies and personal life experience, I can confidently theorize that Happiness = Health. The happier and more grateful you are, the less likely you are to get sick. And you know what will NEVER make you happy? Watching the news! If you only knew the true side effects of stress and fear, it would become astonishingly clear that safeguarding your health is not a priority of the powers that be. It never was and it never will be. There has never been a time when taking control over your own health has been more important.

Click below to watch my free 20-minute introductory “Secrets to True & Lasting Health & Happiness” class.


Featured image created by upklyak – www.freepik.com

In my last article, I explored a new way of viewing our medical system. I explained how the goal of Quantum Medicine is to move toward health, rather than away from disease. Now I would like to give you a new and possibly refreshing view of disease.

No disease is a meaningless “error” of nature!

We don’t get cancer or any other disease randomly for no reason. This may not sound refreshing or positive to you, but let me continue . . .

All diseases are special programs that are meant to allow organisms to deal with emergency situations. They are meant to SAVE the body, not hurt it.

Let’s consider the examples of fever or vomiting/diarrhea.  If you develop some sort of infection, the body will naturally start a fever with the intent to burn off the infection. Or, if you ingest some toxic substance your body will do what it takes to try to rid yourself of it. These are defense mechanisms in order to protect you. Cancer and other serious diseases are no different. They are meant to signal you of a greater danger lurking unnoticed somewhere in your body. Now, just like a serious fever that can kill you, or severe dehydration caused by prolonged diarrhea that can also kill you, so can the cancer.

But how on earth can cancer help to SAVE YOU?

In my latest “New Quantum Medicine” course, we learned about a theory in Hamer Medicine that says all cancers are a result of some sort of unexpected emotional trauma suffered earlier in life. This trauma (trapped emotional energy) will show up in different parts of the brain in CAT scans and a trained doctor that understands this theory will not only know exactly where the cancer is located in the body but also exactly what sort of emotional trauma caused it. For instance, a sudden loss can result in cancer of the reproductive organs. Cancers of the left breast are caused by the individual experiencing an emotional conflict involving a child, home, or mother; whereas cancers of the right breast are caused by the individual experiencing an emotional conflict with the partner or others. This is because each type of psycho-emotional conflict, as found by Dr. Hamer, is dealt with by a different part of the emotional reflect center in the brain that corresponds to a different organ within the body. In nearly all cases, the conflict experienced occurs approximately 2 years prior to the diagnosis of cancer. If you or anybody you know is currently dealing with cancer, you can visit this link for much more detail into this theory.

Old trauma is the real threat to the body.

Previous trauma is causing the body stress and when that stress builds to the point where the body knows it can not sustain, it will cause the cells to malfunction and create cancer. This is the warning signal that the stress in the body must be relieved. Something about the current lifestyle, mindset, core beliefs, etc of the person must change in order to heal. In many cases, it is simply being able to ‘let go’ of something or truly forgiving somebody. Knowing which emotions cause which particular kinds of cancer is greatly beneficial but that is just the start of the healing process.

Going after the cancer with harsh radiation or drugs or surgery is certainly one way to approach the problem. This is what we call the materialistic approach. This looks at the body only as matter, and therefore only tries to remove the cancerous matter. However, the true problem is not the tumor or the malfunctioning cells. The true problem is the emotional stress that caused it and until that stress is resolved true and lasting healing can never happen. It is quite common for patients to undergo chemo and radiation to “beat cancer” only for it to resurface years later.

My course went so far as to say that,

“No disease should ever be fatal. And people only die of lack of knowledge – lack of knowledge about what the true problem is and then lack of knowledge about how to resolve it.”

And once again, I relate this to our current times. I have heard many alternative doctors claim that “nobody had to die of covid.” So many people were misdiagnosed and mistreated – put on ventilators that did far more harm than help. We have the necessary drugs and supplements that would cure the illness, what we lack is the knowledge of how to heal.  It appears that every single approach that we are taking is doing more harm than good. Again, it is a lack of knowledge that is the true threat to all.

Let me just end this by reminding you that a diagnosis of a serious disease is not necessarily the end and should be viewed as nothing more than your infinitely intelligent body trying to send you a message. Learn how to listen to it and you will live a healthy and harmonious life. ALWAYS focus on the positive! Positive words and thoughts heal while negative words and thoughts kill. And please remember this statement as you watch the news!

If you are interested in a very quick and easy way to release trapped emotional energy from your past, please consider an Emotion Code session. These sessions can be done remotely just as effectively as in-person.

This article should really be titled “Foundations of Integrative Medicine” because it’s based directly on the current course I’m taking with the same title.  I want to share some of my notes because this is a very interesting way of looking at our medical system.

“We should not be working against disease. We should be working toward health!”

The chart above represents our progression from a state of health, through disease, and then ultimately to death. The orange circle labeled “organic” simply means that a person is in a state of disease that can be diagnosed by Western allopathic medicine. So here is the typical process . . . a person moves from a state of “health” to a state of “alarm.” This is when something changes in the body to create some kind of concern, be it pain, a change of bodily function, a visible growth, etc. This is the point that most people seek treatment from a doctor. The doctor’s job is to run tests and come up with a diagnosis in order to treat the patient. If the person receives a diagnosis (meaning the doctor can identify a known disease), the person progresses to the orange “organic” circle and that is where they can receive some form of treatment. If, however, there is no clear diagnosis the doctor will likely give the patient something to manage the symptoms and tell them to come back if (or when) things progress. Now the person moves from the green “Alarm” dot to the middle dots which are called the “healthy functional adaptation phase.” These people do not feel well, are suffering from various chronic issues like pain, digestive issues, sleep problems, mental problems, the list goes on, but they are living with it and managing. This “functionally sick” group represents 75% of our society here in this country! Only 5% have an actual diagnosable and treatable disease and 20% are in the “healthy” or the “alarm” state.

Patients that don’t get a diagnosis are moved into the adaptation phase hoping to return to health, yet they very rarely do because our medical system has no solutions for them. These patients are just waiting to move into the “disease/organic” state so that they can get some medical treatment that may fix the actual cause of the problem. Remember, in the “healthy functional adaptation phase” only symptoms are being suppressed. Without a precise diagnosis of a disease, the doctors can’t actually “treat” the problem.

The goal of the University that I’m attending is to completely change this medical model. The founders of this school feel that society is “paying the price” for the general lack of education given in medical schools. The full picture of the human body and how it truly works is not taught in traditional medical schools. Medicine is only taught from a materialistic Darwinian and Newtonian platform.

The goal of Quantum Medicine is to be able to move people from sickness back to health, rather than wait for them to progress to a diagnosable disease in order to help them. We want to “move toward health” instead of “running away from disease.”

I can’t help but think about our current worldwide situation where the only focus seems to be on running away from the virus. This is the way our medical system operates and has been programmed into each and every one of us. So much focus on escaping from the virus, when in reality, that is impossible. We can not continue to hide from it and also live our lives. We need to refocus our attention on taking charge of our own health – doing all the right things to build our immunity and make ourselves so strong that we can face whatever nature throws at us. If more focus was put on health itself rather than illness maybe 75% of society wouldn’t be sick. It’s so easy to blame a million different things on why the virus is out of control . . . it’s because not everybody wears masks, it’s because people are still socially gathering, it’s because schools and restaurants are still open. We can come up with endless reasons why the virus is spreading, but the reality is . . .

The reason so many people got sick is because so many people were sick to begin with.

IT IS TIME to change our medical system from “sickcare” to “healthcare” and I am so proud to be a part of this movement!

The video below is by one of my idols, Dr. Bruce Lipton. In it, he explains why Energy Medicine is profoundly more powerful than allopathic medicine. Please give it a watch. It’s only about 5 minutes long.

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I am going to share with you what I believe is the ultimate underlying cause of all illness. Are you ready?

You may be ready and eager to hear what exactly causes our bodies to fail, but first, you need to firmly grasp the concept that we are made of energy. We ARE energy and that is ALL we are. All things that appear to be solid matter are actually constantly vibrating frequencies of energy. Everything may be vibrating at different rates and frequencies, but everything in the Universe is just vibrating energy. If you understand that concept, then you’re ready to read on . . .

When you can grasp that we are made of energy it’s easier to understand that we are “electrical” beings. I introduced this concept when I spoke about the importance of “grounding.” Because we are electrical beings, we (like all electrical appliances) need to be grounded. Now let’s continue on this idea to explore what else we need.

In addition to proper grounding, we need to be able to “charge our batteries.” Every single day we wake up with a certain amount of energy and, as the day goes on, we gradually lose our energy. Everybody knows what it feels like to be drained so this concept should not be too hard to relate to. We need to have enough “voltage” to charge these batteries. The more voltage our bodies have, the more easily and powerfully the chi/prana can move throughout our body and the easier it is to recharge our batteries. The common denominator to all chronic health conditions is simply low voltage. Think of yourself like a lightbulb. What wattage do you think you normally run? The higher the wattage, the less likely you will be to succumb to chronic disease.

You may be thinking this is too simplistic and not helpful to understanding how to remain healthy, but please read on as I explain in more detail.

The human body is designed to maintain an optimum voltage of roughly -50 millivolts. Our cells can function optimally with a cell voltage of -25, but when cells become distressed in any way, they need the body’s voltage to be at the optimum level of -50 mV in order to regenerate and heal. When our voltage drops too low, we risk cell damage. If something goes wrong with our cells and we cannot regenerate them, then slowly more and more cells become damaged and in some cases (ie, cancer) those diseased cells start multiplying out of control. But when we have proper voltage, we can regenerate any diseased or damaged cells back to normal and natural healing can occur.

So bottom line . . .
Diseases occur when we are in a low voltage state and our cells can not regenerate. Keeping our energy bodies strong and healthy is truly the key to optimal health!

From “Healing is Voltage” by Dr. Jerry Tennant, MD, MD(H), PScD

Please note in the above chart where “Change of Polarity” shows up and refer to my article “Why is my body’s polarity flipped?” Having your polarity flipped isn’t something that shows up on a normal medical test. There is no outward symptom of it other than feeling tired and fatigued, but I hope this article helped to connect the dots and illustrate how very dangerous it is. I am now experimenting with being able to test people’s voltage level (remotely/at a distance) and I’m planning to add this to my list of services soon.

I will continue to share information on how to keep our batteries charged, our voltage up, and our cells nourished. These, my friends, are more powerful tools for maintaining proper health than any pill you can ever pop or needle you can ever get poked with.

Stay tuned for the next blog posts when I will share my next Wellness Wednesday Personal Wellness tool. This tool literally nourishes your cells. Now that you understand exactly how important it is to regenerate our cells I’m hoping that my super special little tool is even more interesting.


Last month I completed my first Anatomy and Physiology course on my journey to the PhD program. I have to admit, it nearly broke me. I could not believe how difficult I found it. My textbook is over 1,400 pages and 20% of the words that fill those pages are unknown medical terms that I can’t pronounce nor remember. I had to laugh at the fact that I sailed through Quantum Physics only to be brought down by Anatomy 101. I have 6 more Anatomy classes to take, which means I have another 600 exam questions to get through. Yikes.

But what this class did make me realize is how truly unbelievable the human body is. When you learn every single little thing that goes on under the skin to allow us to perform all the functions that we do, you realize how very complex and intricate our bodies are. For instance, you would be amazed by all the things that are required just to pick up a finger and scratch your nose . . . from the signals of the brain and nerves, right down to the chain of command in the cells. Just for fun, you can check out this video to learn all about how our muscles work

I can’t help but marvel at this miraculous creation of nature that is our human bodies. What I also can’t help but marvel about is the concept that we humans think that we can do better than the ultimate intelligent source that created us. With all of our knowledge and technology of the current day, we can’t even come close to figuring out how ancient structures were built, let alone reconstruct them. But somehow we think we can run the human body better and more efficiently than the way it was created by Nature (God, the Universe, the Source, whatever you want to call it). This boggles my mind.

I do understand and accept the idea that many human bodies have been compromised by many things including unhealthy lifestyles, prolonged exposure to toxins and stress, and a host of other things that can damage our perfect systems. In these cases, it is understandable that these bodies may need some outside help to maintain an optimal state of health. But at the same time, nothing . . . and I truly believe that NOTHING can compare to a healthy properly functioning human body. It is simply a masterpiece that can not be reproduced nor improved upon. And because of this I just don’t understand why it’s a good idea for perfectly healthy individuals to inject themselves with unknown poisons that will alter the normal functioning of the human body. Please read this understanding that I am expressing my own personal feelings. I am in no way suggesting that anybody should go against their doctors’ orders or their own gut instinct about what is best for them.

What I am suggesting however is that medicine should never EVER be a one-size-fits-all solution. It is beyond my comprehension how it can even be suggested that one solution could possibly benefit every single person across the board without taking into consideration the unique and special circumstances that any given human body presents.

What I am also suggesting is that you enter into the medical decisions that you must soon face with as much thought, knowledge, and consideration as humanly possible. I feel that it just may be the most important decision you will make in this lifetime!

Here are some insights from two guys that I admire greatly. Nothing like some Indian perspective to wipe the lens clear. Deepak Chopra and Sadhguru discuss their feelings on the “v word” and what truly causes and prevents infection.

In the above video, Deepak and Sadhguru talk about the importance of the gut biome and I wanted to slip in another personal tool in my own immunity toolbox. I have been using a product created by Dr. Zack Bush for the past 7 months and I feel strongly that it (or other products like it) are a necessary addition to your daily vitamin and supplement regime. Here’s a link to the product that I use daily. And let me remind you (as always) that I gain nothing by you looking or buying!)

The most important thing that we can do as we enter 2021 is to be proactive about our health,  take responsibility, and use common sense. We all know and accept that Covid is a contagious and virulent disease, but fear is not the answer. Knowledge of how to minimize your risk is the answer. In addition to following all the common sense things to keep ourselves safe we also need to be proactive about some things:

1. Building and keeping a strong immunity is primary! I try to fill my newsletters with tips and tricks to do just that. Incorporating just some of the things that I suggest will be of great benefit to you, but incorporating as many as you can will just keep increasing your levels of immunity. This is the rare occasion that I will say “the more the better.”

2. Meditation is probably the most efficient approach to resolve fear, anxiety, and feelings of isolation.  Visualizing your strong immunity and incorporating that vision into your daily meditations is certainly the strongest ally in this critical situation. My favorite meditation tool is the Muse headband. If you are serious about improving your health and ready to make an investment into something that can greatly help you do that, please check it out. I have nothing to gain by you looking or buying.

3. Homeopathy and supplements help to boost immune support. Homeopathy has been known for more than a century to stop or decrease symptoms of flu, although no scientific studies have yet been done with COVID-19. However, empirical evidence indicates that using it as soon as you notice any flu-like symptoms offers better results. I personally have several bottles of Beekeeper’s Naturals Propolis Throat Spray on hand. I try to spray it down my throat daily, but if I’m getting on an airplane or feel any tickle in my throat at all, I will use it several times a day. It can’t hurt and can only help. (As always, I have no personal affiliation with the company and will not gain anything by any sales. I’m just sharing products that I use and love.)

Supplements described as immune enhancers and viral entry inhibitors have been supported by several studies. Antioxidants play critical roles in managing inflammation and holding back viral infections. Vitamins C and E, Glutathione, and N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine are antioxidants with antiviral activity against respiratory infections like influenza and have been helpful with COVID-19. Zinc, Vitamin D, and Quercetin could also be added to this regime. Here are some suggestions that were put out by the University that I’m attending to boost immunity:

NAC (N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine) 400-600 mg
Reduced Glutathione 50 mg
Vitamin D3 5,000-10,000 U / day
Zinc Max 80 mg / day
Quercetin 500 mg
Vitamin C 500 mg

4. Sanitizing our environment is another important component of maintaining health, however, doing so with chemicals can do more harm than good. Reports of acute health effects due to misuse and overexposure to disinfectants have been on the rise since early 2020. Please be mindful of the hand sanitizers that you are using. There are many organic and non-toxic varieties available, as well as many choices of non-toxic surface cleaners. Let’s try not to fix one problem by creating another.

This condition of having body polarity flipped seems to be getting more and more common. Years ago, in energy medicine school, I remember the instructors (folks that have been practicing in energy medicine for over a dozen years) explaining that the Earth’s polarity is changing more quickly than normal and it is affecting our body’s polarity. We humans are extremely resilient and our bodies will eventually adapt to just about anything. But when there are big and fast changes (for instance the rollout of 5G technology) our poor bodies can sometimes struggle to adapt. Many of us go through a rocky transition period as our body struggles to make the necessary changes to cope. This quicker move of the Earth’s north pole has caused many humans to reverse their polarity. But what the heck does that mean anyway?

When standing upright, our heads should be magnetically north and our feet on the earth magnetically south. If this reverses it can cause our chi to get stuck and not flow properly between the north and south poles of our body. When our polarity is correct, we have a good “ground” which means we are solidly connected to the earth and we are “sucking up” fresh prana, chi, or life force energy. We can recharge ourselves simply by standing on the earth. But what happens if we are not well grounded and we don’t recharge our batteries regularly?

Graphic from a health presentation by Dr. Jerry Tennant.

If this image doesn’t give you a good picture of what this means to your body, I will try to further illustrate . . .

What Happens If My Body Polarity Gets Flipped?

We pull up fresh clean energy from the earth through our feet and this literally “energizes” us. This “recharges our batteries.” So let’s imagine a AA battery inserted into a charge upside down. Do you think it will charge this way? The answer is no, it will not.

Graphic from a health presentation by Dr. Jerry Tennant.

Now, are you getting the picture of how unhealthy it is to have your polarity flipped? Our bodies are energetic beings and they need to be charged daily. I already wrote an article explaining the importance of grounding and now this concept of polarity just continues where that one left off. When you are ungrounded for long enough periods, your polarity will flip or reverse.

What Causes a Human’s Body Polarity to Flip?

There are various common threats to our body’s natural polarity including prolonged exposure to things like: cell phones, microwaves, computers, laptops, I-pads, TVs, high-tension wires, and even the electrical wiring in your house. These are all sources of EMF’s (electromagnetic frequencies), electrosmog, and electromagnetic radiation. Being grounded only helps your body deal with all this radiation. When you are not grounded, you are even more susceptible to these EMF’s.

Along with all the EMF-related villains I listed above, there are some other things that can also cause your body to flip polarity and they include:

  • Sitting for extended periods of time
  • Flying in an airplane for several hours where you’re connection to the Earth is broken in a major way

How To Fix a Flipped Polarity

The good news is that there are some very easy things we can do to preserve, correct, or restore our polarity. The very best and easiest way to not only fix a polarity flip but also reinforce the proper polarity is to just simply “spoon” the bottom of your feet with a stainless steel spoon. There is no magical procedure. Just rub the spoon on the soles of your feet for at least 15- 20 seconds per foot. I usually recommend to my clients that they keep a spare spoon on their nightstand and make a habit of spooning their feet before they get into bed at night and right after they get out of bed in the morning.

Another way to fix polarity is to “spin a magnet” at the soles of your feet. Now, this requires that you have a magnet with a hole in it and a string tied to it, so truly, the spoon is easier, but this will also work.

And lastly, drinking water that has been sitting for about 10 minutes or more on the north side of a magnet is also great for retaining the proper polarity. I wrote an article on this subject and you can read it here. But how do you know which side of the magnet is north? Here’s is simple way to determine it yourself (taught by a youngster in under 2 minutes):

And, have an even easier solution for that. I make special magnet coasters for this exact purpose and would be happy to give you one after an in-person healing session. You can also easily get your polarity tested during any of my healing sessions. If I don’t do it automatically for you, just ask!

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Change your Perspective – Change your Health

Nothing can open your mind and stretch your perspective more than learning about Quantum Physics. The more I learn, the more I realize that nothing in the world seems right. Our entire reality and existence are based on out-of-date science and it can be so frustrating. We have the knowledge to turn around our healthcare system to one that doesn’t violate the first rule of the Hippocratic oath (which is Do no harm). We can administer healthcare that doesn’t harm the patients! We can treat and cure chronic illness if we just opened our minds to the quantum possibilities that rule this Universe.

I want to share one of the most valuable lines out of one of the textbooks that I recently had to read for my courses. This book is titled “Quantum Doctor” by Amit Goswami. He is a Quantum Physicist that truly has the human body all figured out.

“Emotions are more contagious than bacteria and viruses.”

This really hit home and I know that, of all the things that I can share and impart to help you improve your health right now, this is the biggest one. I want to discuss the impact of the constant stream of “bad news” that is pumping into your system daily, hourly, and even by the minute. There is not a doctor alive that doesn’t understand the placebo and nocebo effect. This is the power of the mind to directly affect the body in either positive or negative ways. Everybody has heard stories about people unknowingly taking sugar pills and their pain or illness completely goes away. Or, on the flip side, getting a terrible diagnosis and dying within a month. it works both ways!

With an understanding of the basic concept that our minds control our bodies, what do you think the result will be of constant “bad news?” The people that claimed to have our health and best interests at heart know precisely how dangerous all the constant stress and fear-inducing news is, but that certainly isn’t stopping them. I can’t help but wonder what would happen to virus numbers if there was a sudden shift in perspective – if there was a sudden change in mindset. What would happen if there were messages of hope and some positive news? The eyes or filter through which you look out at the world will unquestionably dictate the state of your health.

I would like to take this opportunity to change your perspective. I promise you, taking the time to explore these links may just change your mind, change your attitude, and change your emotions . . . which can quite possibly change your health and your life.

Celebrate What’s Right in the World

This 18-minute video talk by a National Geographic photographer will teach you how your perspective is everything! I can’t think of anything more useful in this world right now. This particularly hits home for me given that I too am a photographer. The tagline here is “Change your lens – Change your life” which I love given the fact that my tagline is “Change your energy – Change your life.” This video is filled with beautiful photography. I hope you enjoy it.

Change Your Perspective Regarding the Pandemic

I personally have been planning to do this research myself at the end of the year. What I was most interested in looking at is total overall death statistics in the US in 2020 as compared with previous years. Seems not many people are interested in these stats, which boggles my mind. Somebody at John Hopkins University saved me a whole lot of time and did exactly that. This should certainly shed light on the C-19 situation and hopefully help to change your perspective just a little. Here are some highlights from the article to help you decide if you want to read or watch further. (These are not my words. I copied and pasted from the article.)

  • Not only has C19 had no effect on the percentage of deaths of older people, but it has also not increased the total number of deaths in this country.
  • Death rates due to just about everything other than C19 have all significantly dropped and the total decrease in deaths by other causes almost exactly equals the increase in deaths by C19.
  • There is no evidence that C19 created any excess deaths. Total death numbers are not above normal death numbers.
  • The over-exaggeration of the C-19 death number may be due to the constant emphasis on C-19 related deaths and the habitual overlooking of deaths by other natural causes in society.
  • Although C19 is a serious national and global problem, society should never lose focus of the bigger picture — death in general is inevitable.

At present the US is experiencing a 1.12% increase in overall mortality rates for 2020- not good- pandemicky numbers to be sure. However, last year, 2019, there was also a 1.12% increase. Did we miss a pandemic in 2019? 2018 saw a 1.22% increase in mortality rates, 2017 saw a 1.24% increase, 2016 1.27% increase, 2015 1.27% increase, 2014 1.29% increase- all exceeding 2020’s increase in mortality rate- so does this mean we have had pandemics for the last 7 years?

Does this indicate non-stop pandemics every year for the last 7 years and we just weren’t paying attention and didn’t have the media to keep us properly informed? It isn’t until we go back to the year 2008 that we see a decrease in overall mortality rates in the US. For 20 straight years there were decreases in mortality rates and then in 2009 this changed- since then we have had an increase in mortality rates. Why is that? Could this point to the 2008 economic recession as being the leading indicator rather than some supernatural viral entity?

Again, those were not my words and came directly from the article. Please note that the original article as posted by John Hopkins University was forced to be taken off the internet. Heaven forbid people know the truth and change their perspective away from one founded in fear. I’m guessing by the time you read this article this other link that reprinted it will also be mysteriously gone. Please let this sink in .  . .  research done by John Hopkins Univ based on public data from the CDC is not allowed to be online. If you would like to read the entire article (and are lucky to get there in time), just click here.

You “might be able to” view the entire hour-long webinar by John Hopkins University where they go over these stats by clicking here.

Be Extra Careful of Media

This last one is a bit scary but I feel it’s important to share. This is an article that I wrote last month after studying for my Ethics course. We were learning how to treat survivors of abuse and trauma and a few pages of my textbook left me speechless. I found this to be very timely for what’s happening in the world right now and I think bringing it up and raising awareness could only help. Click here to read my article on mind control.

I only hope that this blog post may have stretched your mind and that you have caught even a tiny glimpse of how perspective is truly everything. I’m not saying that it will be easy to change perspective on certain matters, but just realize that it is possible and it will have an impact on every vital aspect of your being.