This topic has been on my mind lately because last week I received a “remote” lymphatic drainage session from another healer. I knew from my Bio-Well reports that my lymph system was not draining properly and that means that toxins are building up. I was thrilled to have found somebody that could help me from a distance.

The session entailed a 45-minute phone call and, at the end, the practitioner told me to drink a lot of water becau Ise would likely be sore the next day. Well, that was an understatement! I woke up feeling like I was in a terrible car wreck the day before. Either that or I fell out of a bunk bed straight onto my head in the middle of the night. I was amazed at the pain level and it flashed me back to my pre-neck surgery days. And not only did I hurt that next day, but I continued to have a significant reduction in my neck mobility, along with pain, for 5+ days.

When the practitioner contacted me to follow up and see how I was doing I reported the pain and he was very apologetic. I  just couldn’t make him understand that I was sincerely thrilled by the amount of pain. This was my sign that it worked! Something significant had shifted in my body to cause that sort of reaction – more specifically, toxins were beginning to move through my system. I thought this experience was a good catalyst for writing about a phenomenon called the “healing crisis.”

I have to say that it was disappointing to come out of Energy Medicine school and not have enough knowledge on this subject. It wasn’t until recently in my Quantum University Homeopathy/Homotoxicology course that I got a much deeper explanation of what’s going on. In this course, I learned about how disease and illness progress in the body and, more importantly, how it heals.

Illness and disease heal from the inside out and in the reverse order from how it progressed.

Let’s just look at the first part of that statement. If there is an infection or illness inside of you, your body does what it can to eliminate it. The healing process typically includes a fever, vomiting, diarrhea, running nose, phlegm, etc. This is the body’s way of getting what’s on the inside, outside (healing from the inside out).  In my case, all of the toxins that were built up in my lymphatics needed to make their way out (through the normal elimination avenues) and as they did . . . it hurt!

healing crisis

This was one of the slides in my Quantum University lecture presentation.

Now let’s look at disease.

Nobody just wakes up one day with a serious disease. That disease had to pass through many different progressive stages until it became a serious disease. In fact, there are 6 stages of disease that progress linearly from Stage 1 to Stage 6. The first 3 stages are considered to be “before the biological divide” and the last three states are after that divide. Healing from issues that fall before the biological divide are much easier to overcome versus anything that falls after that divide. But here’s the thing . . . just like you can’t suddenly find yourself at the 4th stage of disease without passing through stages 1 -3, you also don’t get a “get out of jail free card” and reverse out of the disease stage. You must, unfortunately, go from Stage 4 to 3, 3 to 2, and so on. This means that during your healing progress your symptoms will change. You will likely stop feeling some things while starting to feel other things that you weren’t currently dealing with. This process has to happen as you progress your way backward through the stages. And this doesn’t just apply to physical issues. It also applies to emotional/mental issues.

Before I close this article I do want to mention that what I said about the “get out of jail free card” is not 100% accurate. Sometimes people do spontaneously and instantaneously heal. This is called a miracle or a quantum leap of consciousness and only happens when a person makes a shift in their spirit body (usually through intense prayer or meditation). Perhaps this will be a good topic for a future article. Stay tuned.

In my last post, I talked about my shocking foot pain discovery and I wanted to document my progress in trying to fix it. It’s been just over a week and here are the things that I’ve been doing to treat the foot pain.


First and foremost . . . I set the firm intention that I would fix my foot and I even gave myself a time limit in which to do so.  The very first step in making any change in your life is deciding exactly what you want to change and then believing that you can do it. I promised my husband that my foot would be fixed by the time I got home so as to not impact our daily hikes. This timeframe was important to me and I made up my mind that I could do it.

Pranic Healing

The next thing I did was schedule a live Pranic Healing session. Since I knew that this ‘physical’ issue was rooted in emotions I felt that a Pranic Psychotherapy session would be the most powerful. At the start of my appointment, my healer was questioning the name of the foot problem and I didn’t even want to go there. Pranic healers have an extensive library of protocols to help just about every physical ailment there is, but this was NOT the approach I wanted to take. To me, this was very “Western Medicine” – to treat the actual foot. I wanted to treat the underlying cause for the lump in my foot. Since I had such a crystal clear idea of what was driving the problem I was able to explain what emotions I needed to be taken out and, more importantly, what notions I needed to re-program my mind with. In addition to this psychological repatterning, we also cleared out the stuck energy from my foot chakra . . . and there was a ton of congested energy there. Remember folks, pain = stuck and congested energy. When energy is not flowing and building up – pain results.

Biofield Tuning – Tuning forks

I was able to test my own chakras and biofield before my Pranic session and I could see how “stuck” the energy was around my left foot. After the Pranic session the energy was happily flowing and very healthy. However, it only lasted 2 days. By the end of day 2 after my treatment, I noticed the energy was blocked again. This was a great learning experience for me because I realized how important it is to see how long the balancing measures hold. Luckily I had a couple of tuning forks with me and I did a couple of sessions to try to continue to break up the stuck energy around my foot. I also used Pranic healing to continue to clear out the energy from my left foot chakra. I was diligent about checking daily to see if I was maintaining the open energy flow.


Since I knew exactly what emotions were causing the pain I did some guided meditations specifically for “letting go of all that no longer serves me.” And I also incorporated new affirmations into my day to reaffirm my convictions.

Essential Oils

I just recently completed a university course on Essential Oils and to say I’m now addicted would be an understatement. I brought some oils with me to Mexico and bought a large collection while I here so I was able to test many different oils to see which ones would be best to help this situation. Some day I will explain how I can “test” to see which oils were best, but for now just know that I can, not only determine which oils would make a positive impact on the issue but exactly which oil would be the MOST beneficial. In this case, I had a lavender blend that tested the most beneficial so I applied 3-4 times a day directly to the lump on my foot.


Another subject that I need to fully explain someday. There is a lot to it and extremely hard to describe briefly, but on the subject of “testing energies,” I have a large inventory of special “shapes” that help the human body resonate with healthy frequencies. When any part of your body falls out of a healthy frequency I can detect that and apply the precise resonance for that particular body part. I have about 8 different shapes for the foot and my body constantly needed one particular shape. It seemed no matter how many times I treated it, 10 minutes later it needed more. Not only was it hungry for this “foot” shape, but it also strongly needed a particular “skin” shape and that shape  was specifically for ‘cysts.” I consistently added these shapes into my energy field all day long for a couple of weeks.

I am thrilled to report that exactly one week from my first Pranic treatment the pain in my foot was almost completely gone. There is still a lump on my foot. It got much smaller, but it hasn’t completely vanished. If I push directly on it, there is still a little bit of soreness but nothing compared to what it was. I am extremely pleased with the results.

Now you may be wondering . . . which of these many treatments was the magical one that helped the situation? I too wonder if only one of them would have been able to fix it. It’s going to take me many years of research in order to answer that question and I may never know because why not use all the tools in my toolbox? This has taught me that to best treat any situation I need to combine and use all of my skills, knowledge, and tools . . . and believe me, I have lots!  The more tools we have the better the chances of success.

I would like to also take this opportunity to mention that Western medicine isn’t off the table for me. I like to point out all the situations where I personally feel that it fails at truly healing, but please know that there is a time and place for everything. A true integrative approach to medicine is knowing when to use what treatments. If you’re having a heart attack or suffered major trauma to the flesh or bone, energy medicine is not where you should turn!  And along these lines, if you have some sort of infection I wouldn’t hesitate to take antibiotics. Just know that the bypass heart surgery may have saved your life, but it doesn’t solve the underlying problem that caused the heart attack in the first place. If you don’t change your lifestyle, you will likely suffer another. Regarding a serious accident, there may have been some emotional conflict in your energy field that caused it. And overusing antibiotics is only going to cause you other chronic health conditions in the future. Medicine and health require a delicate balance. Make your decisions wisely knowing that everything has consequences. Taking drugs has consequences, as does refusing Western medicine treatment when it’s essential.


As many of you already know, we have been programmed since childhood into limiting beliefs. We may think that we are not worthy or not good enough based on our early life experiences. I think everybody knows about that. But now let’s consider our more recent programming . . . if you watch mainstream news, you are being programmed. There is no way around it. You are being programmed into believing that you are weak and vulnerable. In many ways, we are being told that we must hide in our houses until science invents a chemical that can save us. There are no messages that suggest we just might be strong enough to handle this new virus. There are no messages that explain the AMAZING and miraculous power of our own human immune system.

Now let me be clear . . . I am not suggesting that the virus isn’t scary and deadly. But if the only messages we get are that we are weak and in grave danger what do you think that will do to our physical bodies? If all we hear about is how many people are sick and terrible stories about the deaths, without ever focusing on the vast majority of people that naturally beat the virus, what message does that send to our brains and immune system?

Merging Science with Spirituality

I spent 8 full days hearing nothing but programs that explained the science (yes, real science without a political agenda) behind the human body and how it works. I learned about DNA, quantum physics, telomeres, heart rate variability, brain coherence, and so many ways you can keep yourself as strong and healthy as possible. And most importantly, I reinforced the belief and knowledge of the important connection between mind and body. This is truly the holy grail, secret weapon to staying healthy. The mind plays the most integral part in our health and if we continue to allow ourselves to be poisoned by media our chances of being healthy enough to conquer COVID on our own is severely diminish.

There are two types of people that are emerging from this pandemic experience:

  1. Those gripped by fear and believe they can only survive with chemicals
  2. And those stronger than they were before this whole thing started. Stronger because of their beliefs and confidence they have in their own body and their own power to heal. Stronger because of their love and reverence for their own body builds their immunity.

I happen to fall into Group #2 and I want you to join me there.

Do you believe that you are strong and capable? Be honest with yourself. Are you giving up your power and hiding at home until that vaccine is invented? Do you trust in Big Pharma more than you trust your own immune system? If you’re being totally honest with yourself and are starting to realize that maybe you have (or are starting to) give up your inner strength and power, I just want to suggest that you start pulling it back in. It’s time to regain your superhuman powers.

The human body is the most sophisticated machine in the world

This is a good time to remind you that the human body is the most sophisticated machine in the world. Every mechanical invention is just trying to mimic what the human body can already do. The most highly advanced medical technology (for instance, artificial limbs) are so sophisticated now that they can actually behave like the real limb and respond to signals from the brain. It’s mind-blowing to see them in action. But what is even more mind-blowing is simply marveling at what the human body can do, day in and day out, without us ever noticing or admiring.

As a photographer, I know that there is no end to the amount of money you can spend on highly specialized lenses . . . but none will ever be able to capture the dynamic range of light that the human eye can capture.

Robots have been in production for many years and they are getting closer and closer to being able to move and balance like a human body can move. Always striving for the perfection that is the human body. We are part of nature and I’m not sure if you ever stopped to notice, but nature is perfect!

AI (artificial intelligence) has gotten so advanced it would scare you to know what it can do, but it’s still just striving to get as close to a human mind as it can. Nothing (yet) compares to the power of the human mind.

Now, onto the most relevant example . . . every prescription drug on the market (including vaccines) are just trying to trick the human body into performing AS IT NORMALLY WOULD if it wasn’t compromised in some way. So what does this mean? This means that vaccines are designed to alter our DNA to mimic exactly what the human immune system would naturally do. The vaccine assumes that your immune system is not 100% and doesn’t already know how to protect the body. It chemically triggers it to perform as it normally does. But what if your immune system was not compromised in any way? What if your immune system was healthy and knew what to do when viruses presented themselves? Nothing is more powerful than a pure natural immune system. When left to do its job it will perform miracles! Our bodies are already the scientific breakthrough that we are waiting for!

What I am suggesting here is that while we wait for the answer to all of our problems to be invented in a lab, why not spend this time doing everything we can to boost our immune system? A great way to start is by taking my free online 20-minute introductory Energy Medicine class. In it, you’ll learn what it takes to achieve a strong immune system by uncovering some of the hidden energetic blocks that may be keeping you from perfect health. Just click below to learn more and sign up!

June is PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) awareness month in the United States and there’s never been a more crucial time to explore the impacts of trauma on our health. With the current state of the virus pandemic, social unrest, and economic instability it is becoming more and more difficult to remain balanced and healthy. Working through our emotions during these uncertain times takes a commitment to self-care.

The word “trauma” can refer to both physical and emotional. Physical trauma would be caused by something like a car accident when the body suffers physical damage. But emotional trauma can be just as dangerous with effects lasting even longer, possibly for the duration of somebody’s life. When you experience emotional trauma, like we all are during these difficult times, emotional healing may be critical to your ability to move on. Traumatic experiences might include things like:

  • The death of a family member, friend, or pet
  • Accident or physical injury, such as car accident
  • Divorce or hurtful breakup
  • Serious illness
  • Pandemics or natural disasters
  • Social unrest or war
  • Domestic abuse or sexual assault
  • Being the victim of a crime

Any kind of traumatic experience may cause emotional, spiritual, mental, or physical harm. Ideally, those feelings eventually pass and fully process. But all too often the emotions are too much for us to process and the feelings end up grabbing hold and not letting go.

Emotional Healing After Trauma

If you experience any of these persistent and lasting effects, emotional healing may be critical for you.

  • Dramatic mood swings & extreme irritability
  • Nervousness or anxiousness
  • Feeling hopeless or very sad
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Difficulty thinking and concentrating
  • Insomnia or desire to sleep longer hours
  • Appetite changes
  • Isolation or withdrawal from things and people you usually enjoy
  • Headaches, nausea, or other physical signs of stress
  • Worsening medical conditions

Energy Healing for Emotional Healing

In addition to seeking the help of professional psychotherapists, there are some energy healing modalities that can be quite helpful. One of them is using the Emotion Code®. A trained practitioner can identify and release trapped negative emotional energy. These sessions are short, inexpensive, and can be very powerful. Best of all, they can be done over the phone or video chat. For more information on Emotion Codes, please click here.

Another very powerful emotional healing modality is a Pranic Psychotherapy session. During one of these sessions, negative emotions are removed from deep inside the chakras and they are replaced with positive emotions. Any cords with other people are cut and your aura gets cleansed leaving you feeling much lighter and more refreshed. This service is also available via remote or distance sessions. For more information on Pranic Healing, please click here.

Other practices like meditation, mindfulness, and physical activity could help improve your outlook and combat the negativity that could hinder your recovery process. None of us are immune from experiencing trauma, but being emotionally healthy to begin with helps you process negative emotions.

I meditate for a minimum of 30 minutes/day . . . in order to someday get just a glimpse of spiritual enlightenment.

What if I told you that I could give you “Medical Enlightenment” in just over an hour? Would you be interested in what that might look like? Would it be worth an hour+ of your time?

My desire to remain healthy is what drove me to non-stop studying of the human body and a new career in energy medicine. It was very important to me to take my health (and the health of my loved ones) into my own hands and I believe there has never been a more important time for this than now. The fact that the government is now censoring information and deciding what medical knowledge is factual and what is not factual is scarier than any virus, or any disaster that my imagination could ever conjure up. Science evolves and advances every year due to open-minded, forward thinking-outside-the-box doctors and scientists. But now, nobody is allowed to think outside the box or present an idea that goes against the “government line.” This troubles me greatly and makes me want to question everything.

The only people that make any sense to me are the folks in my energy medicine circles. Not only have I been digging deep for answers (and more importantly solutions) through my own research, but I’ve found some incredible resources that have been shared in my circles. I feel compelled to share the last one I came across.

Based on the fact that you are here reading this, you must have some interest in health. If you know me personally, you know that I’m dedicating my life to attaining (and sharing) as much knowledge as possible in the hopes of making a true impact to better, not only my own life but everyone in my life. So knowing me and my mission I hope you will trust that this information is worth your time.

The doctor featured in the video answers lots of questions surrounding the Coronavirus and I personally found it fascinating. The very best part of this interview is that there is no political or financial motivation. If you are open to some new ideas and hungry for knowledge, then I highly recommend you devote some time to watching what I’m about to share. Maybe some of the ideas will make you scratch your head and ponder.

You will need to have your brain sharp to stay with this doctor, but I promise you, it will be worth the effort. I hope you make it all the way through because you don’t want to miss the very end. It will positively leave you in tears (in a good way), but you really need to watch it all to get the full impact. If you are anything like me, you will find comfort in it and be better able to face the world. It’s been a very long time since I’ve been this impressed by any human being and I am truly in awe of this young doctor.

Please take my advice and don’t just click on the link below until you are fully ready and prepared for the long haul. I made this mistake myself. I started watching it at my computer while doing other things. That will NOT work. Schedule a time this evening, put off your Netflix binge, sit down, get comfy, and commit to this. Not only will it open your eyes to some important issues with our current medical system, but it just may change the way you seek medical treatment in the future. Knowledge is crucial and I fear that medical knowledge will become harder and harder to come by. You need to know what you are up against when it comes to medicine because YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON IT.

Pranic Healing is one of the most powerful energy healing modalities that I offer but I realize that the term “Pranic Healing” is completely meaningless to most people. It’s time that I explain, in clear language, what it can do.

I have a “recipe book” (so to speak) of Pranic protocols that I have been trained to perform. I am going to list some of these protocols below so you can see exactly what sort of issues I can help with. I think you will be amazed to go from a completely foreign term like “Pranic Healing” to seeing some of the ailments that it can help. Not only can Pranic Healing address these very specific issues, but it can also do a general balancing of your chakras to clean and boost your energy systems for more vitality and immunity. Each of these protocols requires a different number of sessions. Some may produce incredible results in just one session, while others may require multiple sessions.

Other things to note:

  • These sessions are 100% as effective at a distance, in fact, that is my preferred way to treat . . . the client laying down comfortably at home while I work my magic from afar. All I require is a photograph.
  • These sessions are also great for animals.

What can Pranic Healing Help With?

Here are all the different “recipes” or protocols that are available with Pranic Healing:

• Blood Disorders

• Brain / Nervous System

• Endocrine Gland Ailments

• Eyes, Ears, Nose, Throat

  • Chronic red eyes
  • Deafness
  • Earache
  • Eye infections
  • Ear infections
  • Mumps & Tonsillitis
  • Nearsightedness/Farsightedness/Astigmatism
  • Tinnitus
  • Sinusitis
  • Sore Throat
  • Vertigo

• Gastrointestinal

  • Abdominal pain
  • Constipation
  • Gallstones
  • Gastric Ulcers
  • Hernia
  • High Cholesterol
  • Indigestion

• General Protocols

  • Back pain
  • Broken bones
  • Common cold
  • Concussion
  • Cuts/Wounds
  • Cysts
  • Fever
  • Burns
  • Headache/migraine
  • Insomnia
  • Pre/post-surgery
  • Toothache

• Heart & Circulatory

  • Hypertension
  • Inflammation of heart/Rheumatic heart
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Stroke
  • Varicose Veins

• Immunity & Defense

  • Infections of any kind
  • Strengthen Liver, Spleen, Thymus
  • Strengthening immunity & defense

• Psychotherapy

  • Addictions of all kinds
  • Depression
  • Relationship healing
  • Dyslexia
  • Irritability, anxiety, stress, grief
  • Obsessions & compulsions
  • Phobias & traumas

• Reproductive

  • Enlarged prostate
  • Hasten recovery after giving birth
  • Infertility
  • Irregular or no menstruation
  • Sexual impotence
  • Venereal disease

• Respiratory

  • Asthma
  • Chronic cough
  • Chronic sinusitis
  • Emphysema
  • Lung infection, Bronchitis, Influenza, Pneumonia

• Skeletal / Muscular

  • Arthritis & Rheumatism
  • Broken bones
  • Frozen shoulder
  • Dislocation
  • Gout
  • Hernia
  • Inflamed muscles, tendons, bursitis
  • Back pain
  • Muscle cramps
  • Sprains
  • Stiff neck
  • Torn tendons


  • Acne
  • Burns
  • Eczema, dermatitis, itchy skin
  • Sunburn
  • Thinning hair


  • General relief for cancer patients
  • General relief from radiation and chemo


  • Kidney / Bladder / Urinary infections and issues

Some Words from Happy Clients

“My asthma has been amazing after my first appointment. I’ve gone from taking my inhaler 6 to 7 times a day, to about once every 12 hours. At one point during my appointment I felt such an overwhelming sense of happiness and a freeing release, especially in my chest area, that I had to stop myself from jumping up in joy!”

– Michele – Pranic Healing for Asthma

“I turned to Energy Healing at a point in my life when I had several life changes and was not coping well. I had the Pranic healing and was very surprised the next afternoon. The heavy feeling that I felt inside was gone! Given what was happening in my life I actually thought I should not be feeling this good. I have had several treatments since and I can say it has, without a doubt, changed my life. I am so thankful.”

– Wendy – Pranic Psychotherapy


“Thank you for saving our vacation. I do not know how you did it from Maine while I was in the British Virgin Islands, but you eliminated the pain in my heel which was preventing me from walking. I’m becoming a believer in your energy medicine!”

– Peter – Remote Pranic Healing Session


“I definitely felt the same positive benefits from my remote pranic sessions as from my in-person ones. An added benefit of the remote sessions was that I was already at home so could stay relaxed and bask in the glow of renewed energy!”

– Karla – Remote Pranic Healing Session

“I wanted to share the happy news that (dog’s name) really perked up and was very happy starting at around 6 last night. He ate well and out of his bowl (versus hand feeding). He slept in a little bit and is enjoying the sunshine outside? He is walking a bit better today too. My heartfelt thanks to you ❤️❤️❤️”

– Jenine – Remote Pranic Healing Session for her dog


Please note that I am not a medical doctor. I do not diagnose or treat medical or mental health disorders, nor am I trained or licensed to do so. Pranic healing attempts to optimize the body’s overall health and vitality, but it is not to be used instead of appropriate care from a licensed professional.

If you are interested in giving a Pranic Healing session a try, please contact me via the button below.

Last month my poor dog developed a terribly painful neck that sent us to the emergency animal hospital in search of pain relief and answers. Granted, I could have given him the pain relief part, but not knowing what was wrong with him was too unsettling. Once we figured out the cause and got him some actual meds I decided it was time for me to do some energy work on him. I did a series of energy protocols on him, including two Pranic healing sessions. He quickly started to improve and within 2 weeks he was completely back to his spunky self. During those two weeks, I did a lot of research on energy healing for dogs and even treated myself to a couple of new books on the subject.

The Universe is so mysterious because no sooner did I make an investment and outwardly show an increased interest in helping dogs, but I get my first “K9 paying client.” Now I say “paying client” because I have previously worked on several different dogs (in addition to my own) but they were either part of my certification training or they were my friend’s animals and I was not paid for my work. It was so exciting to have a real k9 client.

This was an older pooch that developed an infection in his leg. He also managed to trip and hurt the same leg that had the infection and after weeks of antibiotics, the dog was very lethargic and not eating well. The owner is a client that knows I offer many different services and she took a chance that I could help.

I checked the dog’s chakras (because yes, they have charkas too!) and I performed just one Pranic Healing session. I found that the dog Spleen chakra was very low and this normally indicates the presence of an infection. It’s my sign that the body is busy fighting something off. His lower chakras (especially the Basic which governs vitality) were also very low. I etherically cleaned the infection and balanced and charged his chakras and suggested that the owner keep a close eye on the dog for the next 24 hours. It can take that long for changes in the etheric body to make their way to the physical body.

To my delight, I received this message the next day . . . (I removed the actual name of the dog.)

“I wanted to share the happy news that (dog’s name) really perked up and was very happy starting at around 6 last night. He ate well and out of his bowl (versus hand feeding). He slept in a little bit and is enjoying the sunshine outside? He is walking a bit better today too. My heartfelt thanks to you ❤️❤️❤️”

I am really hoping that this starts up a whole new segment of business for me. I have a special soft spot for dogs and would so love to work with more. If you have a dog that could use a little health boost or know somebody that does, please keep in mind the energy healing option. These sessions are done from a distance and I’m only charging $60 for animal sessions.

Please contact me via the button below if you would like to schedule a session.

I had a rather interesting experience last week related to some emotions that arose due to the current COVID pandemic. I feel that this is important to share because it really illustrates how living through these challenging times is going to impact our health – in very negative ways. And there’s just no telling at what point we are going to feel some of these effects. Some people may already be suffering with a list of new physical ailments that recently cropped up. Others may not realize any physical problems for many months to come. But eventually, I fear that we will all be subject to new physical issues as a result of the stress we are going through. So let me tell you about my experience.

My First Trip Out In The Big Scary World

For the past month, I have not ventured out into the big scary world. I’ve done all my grocery shopping online with either home delivery or curbside pickup, and aside from those occasional grocery pickups, I have not gone anywhere. Last week I decided that it was time to venture out to the grocery store. I was actually excited to get out and had a great attitude on my way out. I had positively zero fear and I looked forward to being able to select my own food for a change.

But then I got to the store and everything went South. It was very scary to see everyone walking around in their masks and being faced with instructions all over the store as to what I was supposed to be doing, which way I should be walking, etc. Add to that, the fact that the entire bakery, deli, and seafood sections were completely abandoned. I always had this peace of mind in thinking that “It’s a good thing we live on the shore because we will never run out of fish.” Then I get to the store and there is no fresh fish. 🙁

Seeing the limited choices on the shelves and struggling to figure out my proper shopping protocol was a lot to handle. When I arrived home my husband was waiting at the door for me, asking me how it went. When I walked into the house my answer to him was, “It was really hard on me to see the reality of this world right now.”

The Immediate Effects of Stress Were Clear

I got home just in time for our afternoon walk so I slipped off my clean sneakers in preparation for changing into my hiking shoes. That’s when I suddenly noticed that my left foot was very painful. How strange. Where did that pain come from all of a sudden? It was remarkably painful to walk barefoot across the floor. I put my hiking shoes on and that made the pain subside a bit so off on the walk we went.

But when I returned the pain was much worse. It felt as if the bone on the side of my left foot was bruised. It hurt to touch it, it hurt to flex and straighten my foot, and it really hurt to walk. I simply could not walk without limping. I said to my husband, “This is so bizarre. It’s not like I went trail running and banged my foot on a rock. All I did was walk around a store in super comfy sneakers. This just doesn’t make any sense.”

And the minute that I heard those words come out of my mouth I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt what the problem was. In fact, I say this to all of my clients . . .

“When pain suddenly appears out of nowhere, and for no apparent reason, there is an energetic imbalance causing it!”

So I grabbed a pendulum and asked the most obvious question of my subconscious . . . “Do I have any trapped emotions causing this sudden pain in my foot?” And of course, I did. I had only one trapped emotion related to this new pain and that emotion was shock. I marveled even further by the fact that we (Eden Energy Medicine practitioners) treat shock by working on the heels of the feet. For some reason, shock likes to go to the feet.

I released that one emotion and within an hour the pain started to improve. The next morning there was a big improvement and I could walk around in my slippers with no problem. Since walking barefoot was still a bit tender I decided to do the “releasing shock” protocol from Eden Energy medicine and the next day the pain completely disappeared. It’s been a week and it hasn’t resurfaced at all.

Stop Physical Problems Before They Start

So my point of telling you this long story is to illustrate just how quickly our bodies can respond to all the new stressors of living through this pandemic. My biggest fear is that the long-term health problems from this event are going to continue long after the pandemic subsides. The actual virus is all over the news and everybody is very concerned about catching the illness, but it seems not many people are thinking or worrying about what this situation is silently doing to the masses. Self-care has never been more important than it is right now. Please be very aware of your body and take notice when sudden changes occur. The sooner you address problems that crop up, the faster you can get rid of them.

And please remember that I can perform Emotion Code sessions over the phone or video chat. Those sessions are only $40 and may very well be the best $40 you spend during this pandemic. For more information on Emotion Code sessions, please click the button below.

I will try to continue giving out helpful energy and immunity tips throughout this difficult time. Here are two more things you can do right now and every day to stay healthy. Both of these are directly related to the lungs and lung meridians.

But before I get into the two new tips, I just want to remind you that the #1 best and most effective thing you can do right now to boost your immunity is thumping your thymus. Using all of your fingertips or knuckles of one hand, tap or thump vigorously in the middle of your chest (as shown by the blue dot to the right) while taking 3 deep breaths. Do this several times a day, as often as you can. Don’t underestimate the power of this one point! This was just one of the immunity tips given in the previous newsletter. Click here to go back and reference all those tips.

Now onto some new lung-related tips. The first one is to massage or rub (with pressure) all the points that are circled below.

Rub not only the black dots but also the entire section down the midline of your upper chest. Some of these points may feel sore and if they are sore, that means they are clogged with toxins. The more you rub, the more toxins you will release.

For your second tip, we are going to rub the Lung Source Point. Hold one of your hands with the palm facing you. On the thumb side of the wrist crease, find the hollow between a tendon on the thumb side, the radial artery next to it, and the bone at the base of the hand. Hold the point (illustrated below) with gentle pressure for 2 to 3 minutes.

These points on both wrists will send energy directly from the lung meridians to the actual lung organs. They are a powerful source of energy to boost the lungs. I would use these points in a session if the lungs seemed under-energized, ill, or otherwise compromised, but holding these points can not harm you even if your lungs are healthy. In addition to simply holding the points, you can also tap them, rub them, trace Figure 8s over them, or spin a magnet over them.

And the last tip is “flushing the Lung meridian.” By “flushing” the meridian you are essentially rebooting it. It’s a strong stimulation of the meridian which will keep the flow of energy open and help to prevent blockages. Just about all meridians have a direct correlation to the organs that they are named after. So by keeping the Lung meridian healthy, this should, in turn, give a boost to the actual lungs. Don’t worry. It’s much easier than it sounds. Here is an illustration of where the meridian is located in the body.

All you need to do is “trace” that path (indicated by the red line) with the palm of your (other) hand. The trick is to trace the meridian backward (from its normal flow) once and then forward (in the same direction that the meridian normally flows) three times. To do this:

  1. Place your right hand right along the inside of your left thumb (near the nail bed)
  2. Slowly move your right hand up the inside of your arm, following that red line.
  3. Be sure you are rubbing the inside of your arm and continue the flow all the way up to your upper chest (where the red line stops on the illustration).
  4. This completes tracing the backward flow. You only do this once.
  5. Now place the palm of your right hand on your upper left chest (where you just ended step 3)
  6. Rub in the opposite direction down the same path until you get to the inside of your left thumb.
  7. Repeat tracing in this direction 3 times.
  8. Now repeat steps 1-7 on the right arm using your left hand.

Please stay tuned for more tips coming next week. These tips can be delivered right to your inbox. If you’re not already subscribed to my mailing list you sign up right here in the right column of this blog.

I doubt that there’s a human being alive right now that is not terrified of catching the Coronavirus. It is monopolizing all of our thoughts. Most people are glued to the TV, computer, or news app, obsessing over the data and being driven further and further into despair. It’s almost impossible to escape the seemingly never-ending bad news. Every time we turn around we hear of more cases, more deaths, more political fighting, more financial disaster. What we are not talking about is the danger of just hearing all of this bad news.

Most of us are sitting home, locked up in our private houses and thinking that we are safe from getting sick because of it. Unfortunately, the effects of all this bad news and stress is taking its toll on our bodies. There may be no physical symptoms yet and there is no test that we can take that tells us that we are “infected” with a detrimental virus, but the reality is that stress is absolutely compromising all of our immune systems. Our president is calling the current situation “a war against the invisible enemy” and that is exactly what we need to be combating inside our own bodies. Our systems were not built for this constant state of stress and there’s never been a more important time to make self-care a priority.

It’s great that we are all taking extra precautionary measures like washing our hands and conforming to the social distancing recommendations, but I would like to suggest that you add some more precautionary measures to your daily routine. It is crucial that you force yourself to spend time each day reflecting on some positive thoughts. The most powerful way you can spend a spare 10 (or more) minutes is immersing yourself in gratitude. When the body is in a state of gratitude the chemistry inside of us changes. We have a pharmacy inside our own body that goes to work mixing up all the right ingredients to push immunity-boosting self-made chemicals throughout our system. It is so important to give our bodies a break and let it reboot and refresh itself.

Finding and Feeling Gratitude

Granted, it may be a challenge to find things to be grateful for today and during the days to come. But let’s just imagine what it is like to get our power back after a storm leaves us in the dark for several days. How thrilling is it to just turn the lights on right after the power is restored? Let’s put ourselves in that mindset when searching for things to be grateful for. Maybe start by asking yourself these questions?

  • Am I home right now instead of laying in a hospital bed?
  • Are my family members with me?
  • Do I have power at home?
  • Do I have heat in my house?
  • Is there food in my pantry?
  • Do I have an extra roll of toilet paper?
  • Is clean water running out of my tap?
  • Do I have clothes in my closet?
  • Do I have a pet at home that gives me unconditional love on demand?
  • Do I have someone special that I can call just to say hi?
  • Do I have any good books on my bookshelf?
  • Do I have a fuzzy blanket that I can snuggle in?

OK, you get the picture. Let this list serve as a starting point for your gratitude list. Once you get going, you’ll be amazed at just how many things you will find to be grateful for. The more you find and the longer you sit quietly, the more benefits you will get. It has been scientifically proven that feeling grateful can, amongst other things:

  1. Lower your blood pressure
  2. Improve immune function

But here’s the catch,  . . . You can’t just robotically read a list of things that you should be grateful for. You must actually FEEL the gratitude in your heart. Why not start today? Maybe grab a journal and start making a gratitude list so that when you do find the time to sit quietly and reflect you’ll be armed and ready with what you are grateful for.

Here’s a short video to further explain the importance of gratitude. Thank you for reading. I’m grateful for your time!