Practice Pranic Healing Sessions

I’m so eager to practice what I learned during my Level One Pranic Healing course and it is so annoying to have nobody in the house to practice on. I wake up every day and ask my husband, “Do you have any pain today? Any health issues whatsoever?” and the answer is always “No, I feel great.” How strangely ironic that this upsets me! So I’m looking for local folks that are interested in checking out Pranic Healing. The only way for me to get good and test out to see if my skills are really working is to practice, practice, practice.

I’m looking for some local folks (to begin with – I will open this up to remote sessions soon) that would be interested in coming to my office for a free practice 30-minute (or less) Pranic Healing session. I’m specifically looking for people that have any of the following conditions:

  • headaches/migraine
  • earache
  • sore throat
  • toothache
  • cold
  • stomach pain
  • constipation
  • muscle pain
  • back pain
  • stiff neck
  • minor arthritis
  • eczema or other skin conditions
  • insomnia

For more information on what Pranic Healing is all about, please click here.

Please contact me by clicking below if you are interested. The window is small as I want to complete all practice sessions during the month of May and I’ll be on vacation for 10 days. I’m looking to book appointments during the weeks of May 6th and May 27th.

Donation-Based Wellness Sessions

After recently receiving two Pranic Healing sessions in Mexico, I realized that I was much more tempted into giving it a try by the fact that the sessions were “donation-based.” This particular healing center set aside one day every week and offered their sessions on a donation basis. This made the whole experience less intimidating to me. It really seemed to be more inviting to me and I am therefore going to follow their lead. Since we already have something in the Midcoast called “Wellness Wednesdays” I figured I would institute a new policy for Wednesdays. From now until further notice, I will be offering a select few of my services (listed below) on a donation basis. These sessions will be 30 minutes in length and appointments are required. If you’ve been curious about my services, but just not totally sure . . . here’s a great chance to get some exposure with a low cost and low time commitment.

Services offered on Wednesday afternoons on a donation basis:

  • Emotion Code™ – Identify and release trapped emotions that can cause pain, malfunction of bodily tissues, disease, depression, anxiety, and emotional problems.
  • Quickie Energy Balance – This protocol opens up your energies and activates better flow throughout the body by clearing clogged energy and balancing the basic energy systems in the body.
  • Black Pearl Sanctuary –  A wonderful protocol for stress, overwhelm and releasing your body from “fight or flight” mode.  Specific points on the head are held lightly in sequence to calm the system & return it to a place of peace, safety, and comfort. It can enhance the health of the blood flow help to expand and weave the auric field.
  • Brazilian Toe Treatment –  This can be very soothing for anyone suffering from aches & pains. It helps with stress reduction, insomnia, calming the nervous system, stabilizing emotional imbalances, deep relaxation, and restless leg syndrome. It can counteract nausea and can help to mitigate the side effects of chemotherapy & radiation treatment. Your toes are held lightly in a specific sequence which brings on a sense of profound relaxation & wellness.
  • BioMat Sessions – Relieve chronic pain and stiffness, speed the healing of joints and tissue, improve circulation, detoxify and boost your immune system while laying on the deeply relaxing BioMat.

Intro to Energy Medicine Classes

Would you like to know more about what Energy Medicine is and how it can improve your health and your life?

You won’t even believe what’s possible by taking control of your own health. Join me this spring to learn simple self-care techniques that can greatly improve your health.

Energy Medicine was called “the next big frontier in medicine” by Dr. Oz, but not many people know what it is. In this upcoming multi-day course you will learn a very simple 10 minute (or less) exercise routine to do at home that can drastically improve your health. Learn about how energy moves through our bodies via our meridians, chakras, aura, and many other energy systems that you didn’t even know existed. We will also cover some simple tricks to reduce pain and calm your nervous system in times of stress, as well as understand the effects of emotions on our physical body.

The dates have not yet been set and at this point, but classes should be starting sometime in May. The classes will likely meet in Camden one night a week for 3 weeks. Days and times will be determined based on majority rule. The cost for the entire session is $99 (with an option to pay $35 for individual classes). I will be offering a one-time-only special of $75 on this very first session. Please contact me by clicking the button below to go to my contact form. Just fill it out with a note that says you’re interested in joining the class. I will follow up with more details.



Fully Certified in Emotion Code

I did it! I am so happy and proud to announce that I am now a fully-certified Emotion Code™ Practitioner. It has been an amazing journey of learning and an experience like no other. The successes that I have had continue to astonish and amaze me. The power of releasing trapped emotions is overwhelming and it continues to boggle my mind at just how simple the process is. It took me years to improve my health and increase my happiness through dedicated meditation and it feels like the Emotion Code is a quick and easy shortcut to the same end result. I am just thrilled that I can offer this powerful service to my family, friends, and clients.

To learn more about the Emotion Code, please click the button below.

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