What is Health Dowsing?

I am willing to bet that you clicked on Health Dowsing simply to find out what the heck it is! Not many people have any experience with health dowsing, nor have they even heard of it for that matter, but dowsing a very powerful tool to gain insight into your health. I can perform both “Psychic Dowsing” as well as “Physical Radiesthesia.” By definition, Radiesthesia is the science of using man’s sensitivity to vibrations to obtain information from the energy levels that are not accessible to our five senses. To learn much more about it, please click here.

One of the biggest benefits of it is to test foods and substances to see if they are beneficial to your body. Since every body is different, it’s impossible to say that a certain type of food is either good for bad for everyone. The only way to really know is to energy test that food to your body.

With a simple pendulum, I can answer a great many of your own personal health questions. You can bring any medications, supplements, or questionable food substances and I can help you determine if they are beneficial for your body. A pendulum can help you make wisdom-based decisions that will improve your well-being.

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