Intro to Energy Medicine Part 3 dives deeper into the mind/body connection as we explore the energy system that is responsible for us feeling joyful. We’ll uncover the link between our emotions and our physical health and why emotional baggage is so dangerous. We’ll also learn how to reprogram our “old programs” that our subconscious brain uses to rule our lives.

Topics covered in Class 3 include:

  • What are the Radiant Circuits and why are they so important to a happy and joyful life? Are you not experiencing as much joy as you want out of life? This may be your answer. Learn ways to activate your “circuits of joy.”
  • Learn what “Sensory Type” you are and how this affects how you relate to your partner under relationship stress. Even more importantly, find out how to determine your partner’s sensory type to really get a good understanding of why conflict arises in your relationship.
  • Discover the hidden link between emotions and our physical health and learn how easy it can be to release harmful trapped emotions.
  • Get an understanding of what your priority fear may be that is holding you back from the life you want.
  • Get an overview of EFT or Energy Tapping and learn the basic steps to reprogram your brain to finally break free from your priority fear


Class Dates: Wednesday, October 9, 2019
Time: 5PM – 7:30PM
Location: Camden Whole Health, 91, Elm St. Camden, ME
Duration: 2 – 2.5 hours
Cost: $45

To inquire about or register for this class, please email by clicking the button below.