Understanding and taming stress

We have all heard that stress is the leading cause of illness and we all know that it’s bad. But it’s also such an overused word that we don’t really give it much concern. Everyone is dealing with stress in one way or the other and perhaps we don’t take it seriously because we 1) don’t really understand how it’s hurting us, and 2) we don’t have the tools to tame it. That is exactly what this class is all about.

  • Learn precisely what stress is doing to the systems in your body and how it can throw you completely out of balance and drain your energy.
  • Find out how your food intolerances/allergies may not be what you think they are. You don’t have to live with these intolerances if you know how to tame your stress.
  • Learn exercises to calm your nervous system and reduce the fears that rule your life.

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