Office Locations

Here’s how to find my offices

I have two offices: one inside of Camden Whole Health and one in my home in Rockland. Be sure you know which office you are booking your appointment in! Appointments in my Camden office are only available (Monday thru Thursday between 1:15 PM and 5PM). The Rockland office is more flexible. Your first visit requires you to find me in either office and these notes will be very helpful.

I’m located in the “older” section of Camden Whole Health (91 Elm Street, Camden, ME) – the side closest to Rt. 1. If you come in through the Rt 1 entrance (small parking lot), just walk straight up the stairs. If you come in the main entrance from the big parking lot (off Park St.) you can just bypass the reception desk and walk down the skinny hallway to the stairs. My office is diagonally across from the top of the stairs. You will see my nameplate on the door. If the door is closed that means I’m in another session. Please go back downstairs to one of the waiting rooms and I will come and find you when I’m ready. If my door is open, come on in.

The address is 10 Dodge Mountain Rd in Rockland and the #10 is on the mailbox at the roadside. It’s a gray house with a timber entryway and it’s the first house on the right (that you can see from the road) once you enter Dodge Mountain. There is a little parking area for you to the left of our garage that can usually fit two cars. If possible, please try to park so that a second car can also fit. Just come to the front door (under the timber roof). In the event that you ring the bell and nobody answers, I am likely still with a client. Please just open the front door and let yourself in. You will see stairs leading to the basement immediately to your left. When you reach the basement door and go through it, turn to the left and you will see a waiting area with a chair by the door. Please have a seat and I’ll be with you shortly.

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