Before Your First Appointment

Some important things to know

Please review the following notes prior to your first visit . . .

•  Offices are not handicap accessible.

Please note that both of my offices require walking up and down a flight of stairs. If this is an issue for you, please contact me in advance.

•  First-time visits for an Energy Tracking session typically take 90 minutes. 

First-time visits always require more time. Please allow for a full 90 minutes and if this is not possible, please let me know in advance.

•  Please be on time. 

If you are late you will be cutting your session short and I really want you to experience every minute of it! Please notify me (if possible) if you will be late by texting 207-706-9122.

•  Appointments are generally not confirmed. 

I typically don’t have the time to confirm each and every appointment. Please set a reminder for yourself in your personal calendar. Please know that missing an appointment is a very large disruption to my day.

•  Please silence your phone. 

This is really more for your benefit than mine. These treatments are generally very relaxing and a ringing phone is going to disrupt your experience.

•  Payment is due upon receipt of service. 

I do not bill, nor do I accept any forms of insurance. If you require a receipt, that can be arranged. Just let me know.

•  Finding me. 

Your first visit requires you to find my office and these notes will be very helpful.

I’m located in the “older” section of Camden Whole Health (91 Elm Street, Camden, ME) – the side closest to Rt. 1. If you come in through the Rt 1 entrance (small parking lot), just walk straight up the stairs. If you come in the main entrance from the big parking lot (off Park St.) you can just bypass the reception desk and walk down the skinny hallway to the stairs. My office is diagonally across from the top of the stairs. You will see my nameplate on the door. If the door is closed that means I’m in another session. Please go back downstairs to one of the waiting rooms and I will come and find you when I’m ready. If my door is open, come on in.

The address is 10 Dodge Mountain Rd in Rockland and the #10 is on the mailbox at the roadside. It’s a gray house with a timber entryway and it’s the first house on the right (that you can see from the road) once you enter Dodge Mountain. There is a little parking area to the left of our garage. Please come to the front door (under the timber roof).

Get a Head Start on Your First Appointment 

Download, print, and sign the client consent form. And please don’t forget to bring it with you to your appointment!

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